Dark Chocolate Soft Centers

Sku 549015
Smooth, creamy centers with flavors like chocolate buttercream, raspberry, lemon, marzipan and more! All generously coated in our rich dark chocolate. Approximately 24 pieces*:

Blueberry Truffle, Dark Bordeaux™, Dark Vanilla Buttercream, Dark Chocolate Buttercream, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Lemon Truffle, Dark Marzipan, Pineapple Truffle, Dark Raspberry Cream, Raspberry Truffle.

Some boxes in your order may come in an alternate wrapping paper from what is shown in the photo. We appreciate your patience as we continue to enhance your See’s Candies experience.

*If we run into shortages, we may make replacements or adjust piece counts. Don’t fret. You’ll always get an assortment fully filled with deliciousness.
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