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What could be sweeter than your own fully customized mix of See’s? Nothing! Step up to our virtual candy counter and create your perfect box, or make a custom gift for another chocolate lover.

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  • 1lb
    A 1 lb box can hold up to 26 pieces.
  • 2lb
    A 2 lb box can hold up to 52 pieces.
  • 3lb
    A 3 lb box can hold up to 78 pieces.
  • 5lb
    A 5 lb box can hold up to 130 pieces.
  • 1lb
    This beautiful red heart box is finished with a sheer bow and can hold up to 26 pieces
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  • Click on the pieces to the left to add them to your box or to learn more about them.
  • You may choose up to 10 different candies. A 1 lb box holds about 26 pieces.
  • Click on the “X” to remove a piece from your box.
  • Click on “View Your Candies” to see a list of all of the candies that you have added.
  • Most importantly, have fun creating the yum!
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