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Sugar Free Candy

Can I redeem See's paper Gift Certificates on
    Unfortunately we are not able to redeem Gift Certificates via our web site. Gift Certificates can be redeemed through our Mail Order Department by calling 1-800-347-7337. Please advise the Customer Service Representative that you have a Gift Certificate. The Gift Certificate and a check for postage and handling can be mailed to:
        See's Candies, Attn: Jo Biglow,
        P. O. Box 93025,
        Long Beach, CA, 90809-3025
    Once the gift certificate is received we will ship the candy.

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I'm concerned about security over the internet. Is it safe to shop at
    Absolutely. We employ the latest in security software to encrypt all of your confidential information when you shop at From the time you begin entering your name and address until an order is completed your data is safeguarded. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, Discover and American Express.

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I'm also not crazy about giving anyone a lot of information about myself. What does See's do with the information it receives when I place an order? I want to place orders for several friends. How do I place several orders to different recipients?
    It’s Simple! Shop for one recipient at a time as you go through the ordering process. Our site will remember all of your billing information and recall it for you each time you click "Click here to continue shopping" and shop for another recipient.

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Does See's ship internationally?
    We happily ship to the following international locations: Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and Taiwan.
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What are the shipping costs?
    The following rates apply to shipments to standard addresses in the contiguous United States only. Shipping rates for Alaska, Hawaii, available international destinations, P.O. Boxes and APO/FPO addresses are provided during checkout.
    We don't think it's summer without the old-fashioned flavor of See's Candies. But shipping your order from April to mid-October takes a little extra care. You'll notice we provide complimentary insulated packaging with Expedited 2-Day Service to make sure your hand-packed candy arrives perfectly fresh. Just the way you like it.

    Please note: During warm weather months, orders received on Wednesday through Friday will ship the following Monday. Also, during warm weather periods, we do not ship to PO Box, APO, FPO, Guam or international addresses. See's Candies reserves the right to postpone any shipments to certain destinations during extreme weather conditions. For alternate delivery options please call 800-347-7337.

    Summer Deliveries
    When temperatures start to rise, we take special care to ensure your candy is delivered in prime condition—no matter how hot it gets. That's why from April through mid-October, all chocolates, and some non-chocolates sensitive to heat, are delivered in special summer packaging. These items are placed in insulated containers with reusable cold packs and are always shipped via 2-day delivery for speedy, melt-free delivery. Regular shipping is not available for heat-sensitive items during this period.

    Shipping & Handling   (per delivery)
    "Per delivery" refers to an individual package sent to an individual shipping address.
    CANDY VALUE Warm-Weather Friendly

    (up to 6 Business Days)
    Summer Delivery
    UP TO $25.00 $7.95 $15.95
    $25.01 - $45.00 $10.95 $17.95
    $45.01 - $60.00 $13.95 $19.95
    $60.01 - $75.00 $16.95 $21.95
    $75.01 - $90.00 $19.95 $24.95
    $90.01 - $105.00 $22.95 $27.95
    $105.01 - $120.00 $25.95 $30.95
    $120.01 - $145.00 $28.95 $33.95
    $145.01 - $160.00 $31.95 $36.95
    OVER $160.00 For each $15.00 over $160.00 add $3.00 to rates listed.
    For U.S. Postal Service, Alaska & Hawaii, Foreign Country, APO & FPO rates, please call 800-347-7337

    Please note, any orders received Wednesday-Friday ship the following Monday. All chocolates and non-chocolates sensitive to heat will not be shipped to PO Box, APO, FPO, Guam or international addresses during warm-weather period.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    It is best to allow See’s Candy kitchens 24 hours to process and prepare your order for shipping. After that your order should arrive at its destination in three to five days (*see next item for shipping during warm weather). Because we guarantee that your order will arrive in perfect condition we use priority shipping services that ensure timely delivery and delivery confirmation. Deliveries are made Monday through Friday, except holidays. Please provide an address where someone will be available to receive the shipment. You may also use our "Future Delivery Date" option to order your gifts early. We will make every effort to be sure that they will arrive on or just before the date you specify.

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Can See's ship my chocolate order during the warm Summer months?
    Yes, during warm weather we use warm weather packaging and cold packs to protect your chocolate orders from heat.  

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How do I access my Address Book?
    Your Address Book is available on the Recipient Info page within the checkout process. You may also access your address book from the "My Account" section of the navigation bar found at the top of each page.

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How do I ship candy to myself?
    During the checkout process enter your desired shipping information on the Recipient Info page.

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Can I ship candy to myself at a different address?
    Yes. During the checkout process enter your desired shipping information on the Recipient Info page.

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How do I send candy to someone other than myself?
    During the checkout process enter your desired shipping information on the Recipient Info page. If the intended recipient is not found in your address book click   "Add a new address".
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Can I ship candy to more than one address when I place my order online?
    Yes. During the checkout process you may add multiple recipients to your order. If any intended recipients are not found in your address book click "Add a new address". When all recipients have been added simply check the "Ship to this address" box for each desired recipient. Selected recipients will update in the upper-right corner as they are added.
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How do I check the status of an order I have already placed?
    You can check the status of an existing order by going to the "My Account" tab located at the top of the home page and selecting "Order History" from the drop down menu. Once selected, you will be asked to enter your email address and password. This must be the same email account you entered during the Checkout process. All of the orders entered for this account will be displayed.

    The order status page lists a summary of each order, including the order number, the order and shipping dates, the recipient and status of the order. If the order has been shipped, the status will show as "Shipped" and the applicable tracking number will be shown, if available. If an order has not yet shipped, the status will be shown as "Processing".

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Does See's use preservatives in its candy?
    The vast majority of all candy sold by See's is made in the See's Candies kitchens in California. See's adds No Preservatives to any of the candy it makes, and believes the freshness and flavor of its candies is best when sold within a short period of being produced. To assure optimum freshness, See's manages the date produced and sold of its chocolates and other products to achieve the exceptional flavor of See's Candies.

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Does See's use High Fructose Corn Syrup in its products?
    No. Since 1921 when See's started its business, corn syrup has always been used in some candies as a sweetener. There were no significant changes to corn syrup until the introduction of High Fructose Corn Syrup in the 1970's, when a new process was initiated to produce a more intense sweetener that lowered the cost of sweetening certain products, in particular beverages. See's continues to use the same basic corn syrup it always has since 1921, and does not use any HFCS in its recipes.

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How long will boxed chocolates last?
    In other brands you'll find many boxed chocolates with "Best By" dates or "Expiration Dates" up to and exceeding one year from the date of production. These products typically have preservatives added, but will not retain their best flavor over that period. Most See's candies are expected to be sold and consumed within 60-120 days of production, when the candy is at its most robust flavor level. Candy not sold within our shelf-life guidelines is pulled from the shelves and not sold to customers. See's adds no preservatives to its products, assuring our customers the freshest products with the best flavor and ingredients in all our candy.

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How does See's support the Cocoa Community in efforts to improve farmer incomes, education, and fair trade? Do you use certified humane eggs for your chocolates?
    Yes, our egg suppliers have successfully passed a humane audit and are recognized as United Egg Producers Certified or Animal Care Certified suppliers.

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What is the difference between vanilla and vanillin?
    Vanilla has over 170 flavor compounds, and of those, vanillin is the most recognizable flavor compound. Vanilla and natural vanillin come from vanilla bean pods. Artificial vanillin is exactly the same substance as natural vanillin, only it is derived from a different source. Artificial vanillin is extracted from lignin found in wood instead of vanilla bean pods.

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Where does vanilla and artificial vanillin come from?
    Vanilla and natural vanillin are derived from vanilla bean pods. Artificial vanillin is derived from lignin found in wood.

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Why must products containing artificial vanillin be labeled as artificial if they are made with an ingredient that is the same as natural vanillin?
    By law, artificial vanillin must be labeled as artificial because it is derived from lignin rather than vanilla bean pods.

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Why do we use vanillin in some of our products?
    The use of vanillin in our products is temperature-based. Since vanilla has a much lower boiling point than vanillin, all of our high-temperature cooked products (such as brittles) use vanillin. If vanilla were used for such products, the vanilla would simply cook off and contribute no flavor to the product. Vanillin, on the other hand, can withstand high temperatures and still provide vanilla flavor. We use vanilla for lower-temperature cooked products such as creams, fudges and caramels.

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Do we only use vanillin?
    No. To flavor products cooked at lower temperatures, such as creams, fudges and caramels, we use only vanilla.

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Why do we use artificial vanillin?
    The use of artificial vanillin is agricultural-based. Vanilla beans are grown in the tropics where extreme weather conditions (including cyclones) as well as growing practices can contribute to an unstable supply volume. Artificial vanillin does not face the same agricultural challenges. Rather than risk unavailability of a key flavor ingredient, many companies opt for the more stable supply.

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What's the best way to store See's candy after I receive my order?
    We recommend storing the candy at 60º to 70º F and consuming the candy within approximately 3-4 weeks after purchase.

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Are any of See's candies Kosher certified?
    We do have some items that are Kosher certified. Please try our lollypops, Little Pops, and our holiday Hanukkah items. Please note the "Kosher Certified" notation on our web catalog pages to identify these items or download our Kosher Certified Letter which lists all of our Kosher products.
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What's the most popular chocolate piece made by See's? How can I order the Mincemeat piece?
    Unfortunately we are not offering the Mincemeat piece this holiday season but we are working to have it available for the holidays in 2015.

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How can I find allergen information on See's candy? Why are the "peanuts" packed around my shipped candy a greenish color?
    We now ship our candy using "peanuts" that are bio-degradable, but still odor free so they do not impact the flavor of the candy. Food products such as ours may absorb odors and chemicals in packaging materials, which must be closely monitored and thoroughly tested to assure nothing changes the freshness and flavor of our candy. The "peanuts" currently used with all shipped product meet our needs, and are sweeter for the environment.

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Does See's use recycled materials?
    When we can, we will use recycled plastic and paper products in our packaging, bags, transporting materials, etc. We are very cautious about any packaging in contact with the candy, as it can absorb chemicals and odors. More recycled products are becoming available for food products as suitable packaging, and we continue to monitor and test what becomes available.

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What has See's done to become more energy efficient?
    With four main production and distribution facilities and over 200 year-round candy shops, we're always looking for opportunities to save energy and use the cleanest technology for our facilities. Recently, changing lights and implementing energy management systems has significantly reduced electrical consumption for us. Wind and solar projects are being evaluated to substitute renewable energy where possible for our main facilities. In 2009 See's deliveries of candy to all of our shops was reduced to lower frequency, enabling us to reduce the cost of supplying shops with candy, while reducing fuel consumption by over 30% for deliveries in our slower months.

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Does See's offer reusable shopping bags? Sugar Free FAQs

Why has See's Candies introduced Sugar Free Candy?
    Customers have been requesting See's Sugar Free candies for years. After extensive research and product testing, we are proud to offer the only Sugar Free candy good enough to be called See's.

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What makes these products "Sugar Free"?
    See's Sugar Free products meet the FDA regulations for Sugar Free candies, which can contain 0.5 grams or less of sugar per serving. Our products contain sugar substitutes like Maltitol (a sugar alcohol), Sucralose (a high intensity sweetener), and Polydextrose (a bulking agent) instead of sugar.

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What are sugar alcohols, high intensity sweeteners and bulking agents?
    · Sugar alcohols are sugar substitutes used to take the place of sugar to make Sugar Free candy. Sugar alcohols provide a sweet taste. Sugar alcohols are digested more slowly than sugar; generally producing a relatively small rise in blood sugar levels after eating.
    · High intensity sweeteners are artificial substances that are many times sweeter than sugar.
    · Bulking agents are substances that have no nutritional value and are used to occupy volume.

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How does See's Sugar Free candy fit into a balanced and healthy lifestyle?
    Sugar Free confectionery products are a treat and can be enjoyed by almost everyone, but moderation is the key.

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Is See's Sugar Free candy lower in calories and/or fat?
    See's Sugar Free candy is not a low calorie or low-fat food.

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Why isn't See's Sugar Free candy called Sugar Free Chocolate?
    The FDA maintains "standards of identity" for every product. The standard of identity for chocolate includes sugar. Since our new Sugar Free products are "sugar-free," we cannot use the term chocolate when selling this product.

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Can I order a special pack combining both Sugar Free candy and See's traditional candy?
    No. Due to labeling requirements, Sugar-Free candies and traditional candies cannot be combined into one box. These two items must be sold separately.

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Do sugar substitutes have any digestive side effects?
    One of the reasons that sugar substitutes are lower in calories and carbohydrates compared to sugar is that they are digested and absorbed in a different way. In the process of digesting sugar substitutes, some digestive side effects can occur that have a laxative effect.

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Does See's Sugar Free candy carry any warning labels or information statements?
    Yes, to be in compliance with labeling regulations for sugar free products a warning label appears on our packaging cautioning of a potential laxative effect due to the presence of sugar alcohol, high intensity sweetener and bulking agents in our products.

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Can I buy stock in See's Candy?
    See's Candies is a subsidiary of Berkshire-Hathaway. Please direct correspondence to them at:
    1440 Kiewit Plaza
    Omaha, NE 68131
    402 - 346 - 1400

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I'd like to own a See's franchise. How do I get started?
    See's Candies owns and operates all of our own retail shops. We do not sell franchises, but we do offer a Licensee Program that allows businesses who meet our selling profile to offer See's products in their stores. For more information, and to see if your company meets See's selling profile, please contact Be sure to Include the name of business, location and photos of your store in your email.

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Does See's offer tours of their Candy Kitchens?
    Unfortunately, because of insurance restrictions, we are not able to offer tours of our kitchen facilities.





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We guarantee your full and complete satisfaction or we'll make it right.

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See's guarantees your full and complete satisfaction.

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Simply take the candy to your closest See's shop, or if not near one, mail to us at this address:

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